Here are 7 Spicy Salmon recipes I’ve tried myself and found good enough to share with you all. This is a carefully curated roundup of salmon recipes that my spice-loving taste buds have tried and approved! The next time you don’t know what to make with salmon, try these spicy salmon recipes!

This summer, we fell into a tradition I like to call Salmon Sundays. We get grocery delivered every weekend, and I love using the fresh fish to make something quick, easy, and nutrient-dense before the week starts.

Salmon isn’t native to South Asia, so my mostly-traditional-recipe blog doesn’t feature much of it.

However, I’ve gotten many requests for easy and healthy salmon and fish recipes, so I thought why not share ones I’ve made and loved?

7 Spicy Salmon Recipes

  • I loved this Sweet & Sour Salmon recipe from Omnivore’s Cookbook. The flavor of broiled bok choy is surprisingly remarkable.

Sweet and Sour Salmon with Bok Choy – Omnivore’s Cookbook

This super-simple sheet pan dinner of salmon bok choy is healthful and delicious for an impressive dish to serve guests or a good-for-you meal!
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  • I found this recipe in Raghavan Iyer’s Indian Cooking Unfolded cookbook (a favorite!). I’m looking forward to making this one again soon.

Creamy Wild Salmon With Kale – Raghavan Iyer

Coconut milk maintains that velvety mouthfeel of the fish and provides a stunning backdrop to its orange-pink vibrancy.
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  • Ministry of Curry recipes are on-point and this Chutney-on-Salmon scenario was no exception.

The Best Baked Salmon with Fresh Herb Chutney – Ministry of Curry

An impressive baked salmon with a zesty fresh herb chutney. This simple recipe turns out perfect each time and will make you fall in love with salmon!
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  • We had The Defined Dish Grilled Cedar Planked Salmon several times this summer and it was always a delight. I loved it with her spicy deconstructed guacamole! If you don’t have it already, The Defined Dish cookbook has even more Salmon and fish recipes – her Milano Salmon with Pesto is another favorite!

Cedar Plank Salmon with Deconstructed Guacamole – The Defined Dish

It’s not secret I am a Salmon lover through and through, we’ve established that. But I am not sure if I have made it clear what my favorite way to eat salmon is? Grilled cedar planked salmon on a charcoal grill. Yes. That’s the perfect one. When I first started this blog, I shared a basic recipe for…
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  • This is a Moroccan-inspired salmon recipe, but it tastes quite South Asian. The perfect ‘gateway’ recipe from The Unmodern Woman. I use all the sauce on the Salmon instead of reserving some for later.

Extremely Easy, Broiled Moroccan Salmon

A low-carb, quick and easy oven baked Salmon with Greek yogurt recipe for those no fuss dinner nights.
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  • The Oven Baked Salmon from Immaculate Bites had a marinade of butter-sautéed spices.

Oven Baked Salmon – Immaculate Bites

Oven Baked Salmon – moist and flaky highly seasoned salmon with a lemony and spicy kick
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  • Lastly, here’s my own Salmon recipe. My husband still maintains it’s his favorite.
Baked Salmon in Spicy Tomato Masala Side

Baked Salmon in Spicy Tomato Masala

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This spicy, baked Salmon in Tomato Masala is easy to make yet bursting with flavor. Use whatever spices and herbs you have on hand!
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I hope you enjoyed this salmon recipes roundup! If you try any of these recipes, do drop the recipe developers a comment and let them know. Thanks for reading!!