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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Izzah, and I look forward to brightening your day with good food and good vibes! Here you’ll find tested & perfected Pakistani and Indian recipes that are easy-to-follow yet authentic in taste! Here’s more about me:

I’m Pakistani-American or American-Pakistani, or both.

I was born in Lahore, Pakistan but grew up in America, where I’ve always felt a bit…Pakistani. When I visit Pakistan, I suddenly feel very American. I love to extract the best from both cultures and enrich mine and others’ lives with it.

I aim to use modern knowledge (and tools!) to make South Asian cooking easier and healthier with zero sacrifices on the classic, ‘authentic’ taste.

I take food seriously.

During our honeymoon in Italy, I had a recurring spat with my husband.

After hours of exploring, he was tired and ready to settle for a meal at the closest restaurant while I insisted on hunting for the best, local and non-touristy food. What can I say? I didn’t want to ‘waste’ a potentially sensational and memorable meal. Luckily, he is a converted foodie and now we can live happily ever after.

P.S. I test each of my recipes many times, so no worries, you won’t waste a meal here.

I share nutritious (often gluten-free) recipes.

I’ve always loved eating nutritious food, not for fads or looks, but because of the way it makes me feel. Plus, it tastes better! Luckily, South Asian cuisine naturally incorporates whole, healthful foods, and I try to make traditional dishes even healthier on this blog.

That said, my idea of “healthy” isn’t current fads. My idea of healthy is eating closer to nature, the way our grandparents ate. So ghee, parathas, and desserts (in moderation) are very welcome here.

Ever since my husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I post mostly gluten-free recipes. Check out some of my gluten-free rotis and naan!

I love, traveling, culture, and trying new food.

One of the reasons I’m glad I grew up in America is the vast cuisine offerings (thank you, immigrants!). My love for diversity translates over to my blog with the wide variety of recipes I share.

I have recipes inspired by France, Turkey, Thailand, and more. You’ll also find plenty of fusion dishes here like Indo-Chinese Cashew Chicken or Tandoori Chicken Pizza.

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